How to solve the problem of workpiece deformation in MS-WEDM process


If the cutting material is relatively soft, it is very likely to cause deformation of the workpiece during the cutting process.How to solve the problem of workpiece deformation in the process of operation?

1) Process in the method of punching and thread

This is a good way to solve the deformation of the workpiece.The outer contour machining method will be used in the process. This method is very easy to cause the? internal stress release of the material,and then the deformation.At this time ,the method of punching and thread is adopted to reduce the internal stress existing in the manufacturing process and the workpiece deformation phenomenon.

2)Multiple cutting method

For some workpiece requiring high machining precision, multiple cutting methods can be used to process, which is very important for meeting the requirements of the precision more accurately.It can also prevent the deformation.

3) Pay attention to the removal of stress

It is better to carry out a preheating treatment on the related equipment before processing,which can eliminate the internal stress of the cutting material to reduce the stress and deformation in the specific cutting process .And the cutting effect is more stable.

All above methods can solve the problem of workpiece deformation in wire cutting. You can try them if you also have this problem. It will have a better effect and can also make the whole cutting process more smooth.