The guide wheel needs to be replaced in two or three months for MS-WEDM


In the normal operation of the MS-WEDM, it must maintain a certain distance between the molybdenum wire and the workpiece processed surface. The width of the distance depends on ?the working voltage, processing amount and other processing conditions. When the electrode wire jitter,it means the guide wheel should be properly replaced. There is also a situation that the guide wheel needs to be replaced when the electrode wire diameter changes.If you need to cut many times, you should judge whether to replace it from the jitter of the electrode wire.

In the design of MS-WEDM ,it is equipped with oil cup and oil hole. The lubrication system is operated by manual method. Then manual operation will inevitably have some matters to need attention, so we must follow the rules to ensure the best performance of the machine tool.The operator must keep the machine clean before it is stopped. They also need to wipe it and coat the machine with anti-rust oil if it is more than eight hours.The conductive wheel and the wire wheel of the machine also need to be cleaned, but it is wiped with kerosene and can not be stranded in the sink.